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Triad's Eye Dictionary Mobile AppEye and vision terms at your fingertips

Eye Terms Mobile App
version 6.02

Barbara Cassin, M.Ed.
Melvin L. Rubin, M.D.


The classic book, Dictionary of Eye Terminology, is finally available on your mobile device--faster and easier than ever! With more than 5,000 of the most frequently used words and phrases associated with the eye and vision, and over 1,000 abbreviations and acronyms, you'll find what you're looking for instantly!

FEATURES: Definitions in "plain English," easy to understand. Entry terms identified by a category (drug, surgical procedure, etc.). Mini-definitions within definitions (you don't need to chase down a cross-reference), Common misspellings in the alphabetical listings, so you don't need to spell a word correctly to find it. Also powerful dynamic search tools and a handy "recent" list of your most recently looked-up terms.

A simple quick reference--for medical and optometric students, ophthalmology residents, nurses, secretaries, receptionists, sales reps.

From Triad, a trusted leader in ophthalmic and medical information for more than 30 years.

$21.99, Category: Medical, Updated: Oct 24, 2012 Version: 6.02, Size: 3.7 MB, Language: English

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