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Dictionary of Eye TerminologyEye and vision terms everyone can understand  

NEW 6th Edition

Barbara Cassin, M.Ed.
Melvin L. Rubin, M.D.

This new edition has been expanded with more terms and more abbreviations.

Here are more than 5,000 of the most frequently used terms and phrases associated with the eye and vision, and 1,000 abbreviations and acronyms. Definitions are in "plain English" so everyone can understand them.

SPECIAL FEATURES include mini-definitions within definitions (you don't need to chase down a cross-reference), phonetic pronounciations, and actual misspellings in the alphabetical listings, so you don't need to spell a word correctly to find it.

Pocket size, for easy use.

304 pages, spiral-bound
ISBN 978-0-937404-73-7, $36.95

Triad's Eye Dictionary Mobile AppEye Terms Mobile App
Available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices.
$21.99 US, Category: Medical, Updated: Oct 24, 2012
Version: 6.02, Size: 3.7 MB, Language: English

Click here to see some sample definitions.


Triad also licenses an online Glossary of Eye Terminology, excerpted from Dictionary of Eye Terminology. Click here for online licensing information.


"The definitions are clear and simple. Geared to the needs of not only ophthalmic physicians and technicians, but also laymen interested in eye problems." --REFERENCE DESK

"Ideal for use by ophthalmic aides, technicians and secretaries who must use optometric and ophthalmological expressions in correspondence and record keeping. It will also come in handy when practitioners try to explain certain eye conditions to their patients." --20/20 MAGAZINE

"Of particular use not only to optometric students . . ." --OPTOMETRY TODAY

"Useful for trainees and ancillary staff." -- NEUROLOGIST

"I unreservedly recommend this dictionary." --CURRENT EYE RESEARCH

"An incredibly wonderful resource." --OCULAR SURGERY NEWS INTERNATIONAL

"It's my lifesaver! I can't live without it!" --MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST

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